Roadside Assistance

Mexican Auto Insurance

road side assistanceMexican Auto Insurance coverage provides the services described below, when the Insured travels in the covered vehicle within the Mexican Republic. If you have an emergency while driving, the equivalent of “911” in Mexico is “060”, but this number is not always answered. If you are driving on a toll highway (or “cuota”) or any other major highway, you may contact the Green Angels (Angeles Verdes), a fleet of trucks with bilingual crews. The Green Angels may be reached directly at (01) (55) 5250-8221. If you are unable to call them, pull off the road and lift the hood of your car, chances are they will find you.

Mexican Auto Insurance Towing Service

In the event that the covered vehicle suffers some damage or mechanical failure that fully hinders it from movement under its own power, the Mexican Auto Insurance Company shall provide and carry out all of the actions of measures required to transfer the insured vehicle to the closest place for its repair. This service applies throughout the Mexican Republic. This Mexican Auto Insurance service covers up to a limit of $300.00 DLLs per incident, when that which is indicated in the foregoing paragraphs occurs. In the event that the driver or beneficiary is obliged to obtain lodging during the vehicle’s repair, the Company shall cover up to (if such balance remains) $150.00 DLLs toward the expense of renting a hotel room while the vehicle is being repaired. This limit shall be applicable to 2 incidents during one annual coverage period, being limited to one for any policy whose life is for less than a year.

Mexican Auto Insurance Assistance Prior to Traveling

The Mexican Auto Insurance furnishes arrangements for obtaining special medical attention such as wheel chairs, dialysis, etc. It also provides general information on weather conditions, inoculation requirements, visas, etc.

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