Mexican Checkpoints and Green Angels

Green Angels Roadside Assistance

green angelsThe Mexican government operates a roadside assistance program called the “Angeles Verdes” or “Green Angels”. The green trucks and their operators have the wherewithal to fix many debilitating automobile conditions. In fact, many travelers who have benefited from their services consider them miracle workers – did you know you can fix a leaking radiator with pepper, or an egg? Services and information are free; parts or gasoline if necessary must be paid for. If you have an emergency while driving, the equivalent of “911” in Mexico is “060”, but this number is not always answered. If you are driving on a toll highway (or “cuota”) or any other major highway, you may contact the Green Angels (Angeles Verdes), a fleet of trucks with bilingual crews. The Green Angels may be reached directly at (01) (55) 5250-8221. If you are unable to call them, pull off the road and lift the hood of your car, chances are they will find you.

Mexican Military Checkpoints

militaryExpect checkpoints along most major and some minor roads, manned by the Mexican military – mostly with automatic weapons. You will be asked for driver’s licence and insurance information. Your vehicle will be searched, with varying degrees depending upon your attitude, your load, and how bored they are. They are looking for drugs or weapons which you should not have with you. They do not expect (or accept) bribes of any sort – but cold non-alcoholic beverages are often appreciated.